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About Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.)

Our company

Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.) has been offering personalized and superior quality security services since 2007 to private and public companies of all sizes. We strive to offer our clients, agents and employees a work environment where respect and integrity are paramount.

From yesterday to today, Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.) has always strived to offer value-added services to its clients. In compliance with the high standards of the security industry, our company actively meets the growing demand for tailored security services in a fast-paced market. Our multifunctional team is always on the lookout for innovative solutions that will meet our clients’ expectations to a tee. From meeting basic security needs to devising a full-scale security plan, we always work closely with every client to maximize the impact of our actions.

Our strong culture of respect towards our clients and employees is the driving force of our commitment to offer high-quality services. Such values have always been at the core of our objectives. With the help of our dedicated team of professionals, we can efficiently address all your security needs. Count on Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.) to eliminate numerous risks that could compromise the safety of your employees, loved ones, elders or children.

On behalf of our team, Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.) wishes to thank you for your interest and trust in our company. Enjoy your visit!

Our mission

Offer our clients personalised and high-quality security services and promote for our agents and employees a work environment where respect and integrity are paramount.

Our values

Integrity: Our agents and employees exercise honesty and integrity in all their actions. They are strongly committed to making informed decisions, in keeping with a stringent code of conduct, in order to maintain Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.)’s credibility and leadership.

Confidentiality: Privacy is an important part of our work. For this reason, confidentiality is an essential component of our values.

Dedication: Our habit of delivering excellent service and exceeding our clients’ expectations testifies to our employee’s dedication.

Proactivity: Our team is always on the lookout for new security risks that could compromise the safety of our clients or their property.  This relentless task is key to remaining at the forefront of our business.

Our team

Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.) employs experienced agents fully capable of ensuring the safety of your property and assets.  As per our skills development policy, agents must periodically undergo training sessions to remain at the cutting edge of industry practices.  In addition, each agent wears a uniform that inspires respect and professionalism.  The uniform varies depending of the service offered and may be tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Our agents

At Intelli-Force Security (I.F.S.), experience is a prerequisite. Our agents have different backgrounds and have served either in the police force, army corps or in the security industry.  Every one of them has previously served the public or protected property.  Accordingly, our agents are recognized by the industry’s regulatory authorities. Leveraging this experience, our agents keep an open channel of communication with clients in order to review and improve security practices.